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    Client Reviews

    Jonathan provides legal services to Atmos Energy for bankruptcy issues involving our customer accounts. He is very proactive and timely in his services. He is easy to work with, personable, and proactive. We rely on his expertise and he is willing to assist us at the level of service we request. I highly recommend Jonathan.

    -Susan Stevenson, Revenue Management at Atmos Energy Corporation

    We’ve been working with Jonathan on our case going on 8 months (the courts don’t move quickly.) Jonathan not only is an outstanding attorney, but is an all-around great guy to work with. He knows his stuff!! I would consider my husband and I not easy people to deal with and Jonathan knew how to take it in stride. Whether it was tears or anger he was always right there beside us through this horrible ordeal and still is to this day. He explained everything in layman’s terms so I could fully understand what was going on and made himself available to OUR schedule. I feel like he truly understood our situation; more like a friend than an attorney. I fel not only does he care about his job, but also his clients. We were always kept in the loop with emails, texts, and phone calls even on weekends to allow for our schedule. Any question, I mean any question, no matter how stupid it was would be answered right away with a friendly voice on the other end of the line calming the grief we felt daily. He was honest with us, even if it wasn’t something we wanted to hear, but that’s what makes a good attorney. I would absolutely recommend Jonathan to anyone needing an attorney.


    Jonathan is an excellent attorney who really cares about his clients. I highly recommend him.

    -Ann B

    In January 2018, I reached out to a friend in Dallas, TX to ask if he know of any lawyers that could help me in a lawsuit situation. I was given Jonathan Howell’s information. I called Jonathan and he instantly went to work. Jonathan gathered information, took the time and effort and did lots of research to get answers. I was amazed by the time, dedication, perseverance, compassion, and drive that Jonathan put into this case. He was empathetic to my situation and very fair with the cost of his services. Not knowing this lawsuit would take over 15 months to resolve, Jonathan never quit. He continued to provide above and beyond service. I am happy to report due to Jonathan’s perseverance, drive, and hard work the complainant filed a non-suit with the court and the judge signed it. Jonathan won the case for me! Thank you Jonathan Howell!! Best lawyer in Texas! I would highly recommend his services.

    -Gina Ndungu

    Jonathan provides exceptional quality legal advice and work. He is timely and responsive to the client, and is trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommend him and will definitely keep him as a resource for bankruptcy matters going forward.

    -Carole Lein, Attorney

    I have found Jonathan to be very capable of understanding all the details and how they interlink in a complicated Chapter 11 case he has handled for me. He is not just a great value, but knowledgeable beyond his years. He is very detail oriented.


    Jonathan was there for us when we were in desperate need of sound reasoning. He is caring, thorough, competent, knowledgeable, and professional. He has a “no nonsense” approach, which is very helpful when you are trapped in a difficult season in life. We will be forever grateful that we contracted with Jonathan to handle this matter.


    Jonathan is very knowledgeable in the bankruptcy law area, has developed an excellent rapport and working relationship with our bankruptcy specialists, is most responsive and has delivered very good results for our company.

    -Marshall Ordemann, Senior Attorney at Atmos Energy Corporation